Helen Gunderson
2004 Container Garden
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Sorry for the long delay in posting photos. My summer was full, especially in the weeks just before and after the 125th anniversary celebration of the town of Gilbert that was held on July 30-31. I was on the planning committee, and even in the weeks after the celebration, I dreamt several times about the event and that I still had some work to do for it. Also, doing a quasi-webcam of a garden is not as easy as I had thought.

I enjoy taking the photos on my digital camera. Then I dump the images onto my hard drive. Fortunately, digital cameras and the photo files they produce keep track of the date the images were taken. However, by the time I save, crop, and otherwise improve the images, I sometimes get mixed up about what the date on each photo is supposed to be. So bear with me. If you see something that's obviously dated wrong, please let me know. I can backtrack and do a little research and make the correction.

Helen D. Gunderson
September 29, 2004

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