Helen's 2004 Container Garden

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May 25, 2004

Last night, I returned from my hometown area in northwest Iowa where there were tornados during the weekend. The radio warned of more turbulent weather, but I made it to Gilbert in good shape, went to a city council meeting, and saw a huge rainbow when I left the meeting.

The plants in the container garden on my deck were buffeted by strong winds and rains over the weekend. The great news is that the collards and kale had grown large enough to eat.Today, I harvested my first batch of kale. Then I steamed it with garlic, ginger, and potatoes and had a bowlful for lunch.

It has been raining a lot in Iowa. For instance, my home county got over five inches of rain between last Thursday evening and last night. I am a little concerned about how all the moisture and strong winds will affect the plants

The lone productive collard plant in my garden was drooping. I decided to cut my first round of leaves from the plant. They are now safely in the refrigerator.

Several days ago, I planted zinnia seed in small containers. My intent is to put them in a large flower bed that is more noticeable from the street and where people can easily see them during Gilbert's 125th anniversary celebration.

The event will be on July 30-31. I don't know if I have ever grown flowers from scratch. In fact, I have seldom grown flowers. So it will be interesting to see how the zinnia project works throughout the summer and what emerges from these tiny plants.

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