Helen's 2004 Container Garden

August 24, 2004

Although only two of my pie pumpkins survived and came close to maturity, I was proud of myself for being able to grow them from a garbage can.

The problem, though, was that the vines died before the pumpkins could fully ripen. I was disheartened. However, my neighbors, Hong and Cathy, say that the Chinese people like to eat pumpkins when they are still green. So I photographed my pumpkins nest to a teapot to show their size and their actual existence as a document for posterity. Then I gave the pumpkins to Hong and Cathy, asking I they would later give me two golden pumpkins from their plot at the end of the street where they planted a handful of extra pumpkin seedlings that I had given them earlier in the summer. They happily agreed to the deal.

I wasn't sure the effort I extended to grow pumpkins from a garbage can was worth the effort, and I have decided I will not grow them again unless I, too, planted them in a garden patch at the end of the street.

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