Book is Sold Out

Helen has distributed the last of the 100 sets of her book that she had printed and bound at the end of 2020. She is considering ordering a second run of the book but will decide on a plan in which she probably will wait until a sufficient number of people commit to buying the book before she places her order. Check back for further information about her plans. If interested in obtaining a set of the books, write to her and tell her your intentions. Thanks.

Archive of Author Talk Available on YouTube

The Iowa State University Parks Library and Ames Public Library hosted a Zoom author event, featuring Helen and her book, The Road I Grew Up On, on March 24, 2021. Daniel Hartwig, head of ISU Special Collections and University Archives, hosted the discussion that included commentary by ISU Professor Emerita of Sociology, Dr. Cornelia Flora. An archived recording of the hour long discussion is now available on YouTube.

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More Videos Uploaded to Vimeo

Helen recently posted nine videos from her archives on Vimeo and listed them in her video index. They are ones that she considers to be more documentary, essay, or program-like from her YouTube collection of 88 posts that include many that are more akin to home movies, albeit home movies that have high production value, including music. She believes that Vimeo will provide a better showcase for the nine videos than YouTube provides. Helen has three YouTube channels: DCG1918Gunderfriend, and RReveille.

Growing a Farming Homeplace on Urban Land

New Video

Helen has updated the video, “Growing a Farming Homeplace on Urban Land,” that she premiered at the City of Ames eco chat about gardening held on March 2.  Although not knowing where this and similar projects will lead, she appreciates that her book is finally complete so she can invest more time in producing videos with her documentary materials and be able to share them so easily on-line.

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Growing Food and the Meaning of Land

Helen has  created a Blog-like piece for this site, containing ideas and other supplemental information related to the video, “Growing a Farming Homeplace on Urban Land, that she created and premiered at the City of Ames on-line eco chat about gardening on March 2.

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Helen on the Radio

Lonna Nachtigal and Donna Prizgintas interviewed Helen on February 16, 2021, about her newly-released book, The Road I Grew Up On, on KHOI FM radio’s DonnaLonna Kitchen Show. Known also the Heart of Iowa Radio, KHOI is a non-profit organization with its studio in Ames and serves central Iowa.

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