The Road I grew up on - book mockup

The Road I Grew Up On:

Requiem for a Vanishing Era

$80.00/ Two-volume set of 11x8.5 inch paperback books

Helen’s book, The Road I Grew Up On: Requiem for a Vanishing Era, is a two-volume anthology written from a liberal perspective and consists of regional and neighborhood history, personal memoir, spiritual insights, other opinions, and both grayscale and color photographs. The seeds for the project were sown in fall 1989 followed by years of Helen’s taking photographs, shooting video footage, recording interviews, conducting other research, and writing about the neighborhood and culture where she grew up. The first volume (344 pages) consists of material completed in 2004, while the second volume (196 pages) consists of chapters written in 2019 and one completed on July 31, 2020, about living in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The book will be released in digital format for free public viewing on the Iowa State University library’s digital press and available in paperback version in mid-December, 2020. The price for the two-volume set of 11×8.5 inch paperback books is $80.

Helen is considering donating copies to the public libraries in Ames and her home county. If interested in obtaining more information about the book, including ordering information, please contact Helen.


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