Panel Discussion: The Changing Face of Iowa Farming

The Iowa State University Museums hosted an on-line panel discussion titled “The Changing Face of Iowa Farming” on April 13, 2021. Panelists included academics and practicing Iowa farmers: Hannah Breckbill, Shelley Buffalo, Dr. Angie Carter and Patti Naylor. Associate museum curator, Adrienne Gennett, moderated the program that had been created to examine “the history and future of indigenous, queer, and female farmers working the land while developing more sustainable farming practices in Iowa” and was an extension of the museum’s exhibition, Compelling Ground, a meditation on Iowa’s landscapes, environments and peoples. Many of the panelists’ ideas are similar to ones Helen addresses in her book but broader, more deeply studied, and more prophetic than what Helen offers.  The perspectives of all, however, make an excellent mosaic of commentary that needs to be heard, impact land use policies and practices, and create awareness of issues of food sovereignty. The University Museums has posted a recording of the discussion on its YouTube channel.

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