Plant and Pizza Give Away on Saturday, May 13

We have been planning a plant and pizza give away event at Burnett Urban Farm (two houses south of Meeker School) for mid-day Saturday, May 13. The idea is to coincide with Mustard Seed Farm’s Seed and Plant Share at the Romero House at 709 Clark and have cross traffic between the two places.

BUF event hours from 10:00 am to 2 pm with pizza available beginning at 11:30 am.

Helen has recruited a few of her friends with culinary expertise and familiarity with her pizza recipe (Jamie Gurganus, Amy Miller, Donna Prizgintas, Chris Witte as of this writing) to take over the BUF kitchen with its two ovens to bake and offer homemade vegetarian pizza. The crust is made with homeground wheat berries from Early Morning Harvest and topped with what we can find of other Iowa (or regionally) grown items such as pizza sauce; sweet peppers, spinach, and oregano from BUF; mushrooms from JoyGrow; and cheese from Organic Valley and other sources to be determined.

Festivities will also include Irish folk music by Tamsyn Jones and friend Barry. Other folks are welcome to share music, too.

We do this because we love preparing food together and sharing with other friends, neighbors, and people who stop by to build a sense  of community. We also believe in promoting the use of locally and regionally grown food.

It is not by any means a sit-down meal, but there are some chairs about the farm where folks can sit, visit, eat pizza, enjoy the beauty of the place, get urban farming ideas, and watch the nine laying hens as they roam their extensive tunnel system. And 30 baby chicks arrived at the farm this week, and folks will get a chance to observe them.

Drinking water provided.

Unfortunately, we are pretty much out of plant seedlings, having given away many more than we had expected to share by this time and finally deciding to save the rest for the BUF garden beds.

Also, all of our supplies for raised bed kits have been taken.

However, there is a bounty of organic lovage, oregano, rhubarb, and dandelions to pick. Maybe you will want to make dandelion fritters. They are simple and awesome but best not to use dandelions from chemically-treated turf.

If we do have vegetable plants and/or seeds to spare, we will put them out for others to take. We also have some art books and supplies that people may take.

If you are decluttering or downsizing and have garden pots, fencing, tools, seeds, or other related items, to donate, check with Helen for advance approval and delivery arrangements. And let her know, too, if you want to help with the plant and pizza event. Thanks.

Free will donations encouraged, but definitely not required. All donations will be transferred to Mustard Seed Farm for its new well and rural water system.